Education, Organisation, Encouragement

List & Co : Professional Productivity

List & Co : Professional Productivity

Education, Organisation, Encouragement



List & Co have added a focus on education, because learning is another crucial component to personal growth and development.


Bullet Journals. Calendars. Planners. iCal. Miracle Mornings. Google Calendars...Sound like hard work? Learn how to reset, and see the benefits of an organised lifestyle.



Stressed? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. The Co encourage every step forward in the right direction for a better you.

Lists & Co; What is our WHY?

List & Co is a community that has been built to provide resources and knowledge to motivate, inspire and encourage personal growth and development in every single individual.

Our aim is to provide an online space, or safe-haven for those aspiring for more, those aspiring for greatness and those who feel like they deserve better.

Through productivity tips, motivational check-ins and educational posts we will encourage every member to continue learning, continue growing and aiming to be their best self.

our why

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Welcome to List & Co

Welcome to List & Co



Welcome, ciao, nǐ hǎo, ¡hola!

List & Co has been a project under construction for several months and to see it finally come to life is one achievement that I am very proud of. I am not a polyglot, nor have I ever been, but our introduction is a demonstration of our inclusiveness as a community, and our goals as a team. We aim to provide you with globally recognised resources that can be applied no matter your gender, your age, where you are studying or what you are studying. List & Co focuses primarily on the “CO”, CO-mmunity, CO-ntribution and CO-operation will be the basis for creating a space that you can be proud to be apart of and that we are so grateful to have.

You may have noticed that our model has changed since our first conception launch back in January and we have decided to build this community with two elements. The List & Co community, productivity and motivation segments will be developed concurrently with the academic portion we have decided to build into this website to create a wholesome and fulfilling community resource.

We would love for you to contribute to the discussions in the comments section, send through emails with your ideas, your success stories or even if you simply need someone to talk too. Build relationships, build your knowledge and most importantly build YOURSELF, because you have the potential to be everything you have ever wanted and we want you to know that through planning, learning and commitment nothing is impossible.

We can’t wait to have you in our Co.

The List & Co Team



The Co Challenge

Please leave a comment below, letting us know one of your current goals.