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Country Business Goes Digital

Country Business Goes Digital

Country business is booming and not because people are being pushed to the edges of the outer suburbs and beyond by rising house prices.

Online businesses are taking over and with digital marketing at the fingertips of every Instagram feed and Facebook account businesses can now launch products, make sales and communicate with their customers at any time of the day or night. So how exactly are businesses growing online? From clothing designers to pre-prepared meal delivery services country businesses are reaching levels that were previously unheard of from brick and mortar stores.

Speaking to small business owners in rural areas the most common benefits from digital marketing described were the ease of access to broadband and the NBN developing rapidly in regional areas. These allow online business to compete with metropolitan located businesses as they all share the same platform. Ease of information on strategy implementation was also a highlight with many business owners coming from a non-business background so their ability to use and adapt the platform to their specific needs was easy with many online courses or videos explaining the solutions to their unique situation.

Artisanal businesses are growing with pop culture encouraging the use of buying local and buying unique products rather than mass-produced products from commercial retailers. Online businesses that effectively use social media and other digital platforms experience business growth incomparable to any other platform and the opportunity to reach an international audience is heightened to allow for a global audience.

What do you think is important when buying a product? Does handmade mean better value, better quality or more unique choices ? Let us know in the comment sections below.


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